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  • This site and all linked resources contain generalized information that cannot be substituted for direct one-on-one care provided by a health professional.  Clearly, some providers are better than others, but every case is unique and no internet site, book, periodical, or documentary can ever take the place of such one-on-one care provided by a health professional.
  • Automated blood pressure monitors (public or home) and home glucometers likewise cannot be substituted for one-on-one care by a health professional.  Thoroughly read all literature and precautions accompanying such devices regarding their use and limitations, record all data from these including date, time of day, and other pertinent information, and furnish your provider with this information as an aid (not a substitute) for your ongoing treatment plan.
  • Automated blood pressure monitors often dangerously underestimate the BP of the elderly and patients with peripheral vascular diseases.  Manual BP cuffs are the only reliable way to check the BP of these two demographics.  I am very disturbed to see some hospitals and health care systems rely exclusively on automated BP monitors.
  • Although the only way to stop caffeine or tobacco is to quit cold turkey, never stop any psychiatric drug(s) cold turkey.  Sudden withdrawal or rebound from these drugs could result in suicide or violence.  Quitting cold turkey is also likely to fail because of painful withdrawal symptoms from these highly addictive drugs.  The best way to discontinue psychiatric drugs is to taper off slowly one drug at a time under the supervision of a health or mental health professional.  Although some have "lucked out" upon quitting cold turkey, these cases are exceptional and these individuals assumed a grave risk.  Tapering off slowly under professional supervision is by far the safest and the most likely to succeed.
  • Stopping alcohol and many other drugs of abuse is difficult and should also be done under the supervision of a health or mental health professional.  Detox is fraught with pitfalls, which is why there are so many inpatient programs for initial treatment of alcoholism and other substance abuse.
  • In order to prevent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), dietary supplements to help lower blood glucose should be added gradually one at a time under the supervision of a health professional and regular monitoring with a home glucometer.  Hypoglycemia is potentially a medical emergency that can result in loss of consciousness or other adverse events.
  • Due to risk of adverse cardiovascular events, do not start any new exercise program or start any new job, volunteer work, or other project involving manual labor without consulting a health professional.  This warning is commonly issued regarding exercise programs, but  such warnings typically overlook manual labor from gainful employment, voluntarism, and personal endeavors such as home improvement.  Do not engage in any sadomasochism under any circumstances.  Even basic sex acts are notorious for precipitating fatal or disabling cardiovascular events!
This no-frills site has not one, but two groundbreaking pages.  Over the upcoming weeks and months, new additions will be made to all pages.  It is a haven for voices that have been frozen out of the controlled media, and particularly for issues I call "post-partisan," which cannot be defined as 'red' or 'blue.'  Some examples include alternative medicine and psychiatry, the threat of Chinese Communism, caffeine addiction, government subsidies and bailouts of business, the continued need for dress and appearance reform, the threat of corporations and free-trade agreements, and extreme animal breeding.  However, since there are plenty of fora available to discuss all sides of the abortion issue and its correlates, that will not be explored here because these issues have been badly overexposed, diverting time, attention, and money away from other, more urgent issues.  It seems that the only real difference anymore between the two "major" parties is reproductive and end-of-life issues, as this Democratic majority in both houses can't even censure 2 war criminals who had stolen 2 elections and reached their term limit.   In 2010, the situation deteriorated to an emergency, exacerbated by unprecedented environmental catastrophe on the Gulf Coast and ongoing legislative and judicial disasters.  I highly recommend Grist Magazine (see Links page) for ongoing coverage of the Gulf oil disaster, the Japanese post-quake nuclear disaster, and the climate.
NOW AVAILABLE on the Links page:  Amid all the hype on the center left and all the whining on the right about the alleged US assassination of Usama bin Laden, there is one slight problem that is all too common with capital punishment, especially in Texas:  he was innocent.  Sure, he was significantly involved in several terror attacks in the '90s with major loss of innocent life, but neither he, Al-Qaida, or the Taliban had any involvement in 9/11 whatsoever.  The real culprits are running loose in this country right now without so much as an arrest warrant, some even on book tours!
ABOUT THE BACKGROUND IMAGE:  On Fri. May 21, 2010, I brought this cake to a small gathering at an area restaurant celebrating the 30th anniversary of one of the greatest films ever made and the best anesthetic autobiopathography ever filmed:  The Empire Strikes Back.  The blue and white represent the glaciers of Hoth, the green leaves the swamps of Dagobah, the orange and purple roses the Bespin sunset, and the white cake underneath represents the deceptively immaculate corridors of its cloud city.  The frosting was made with whipped cream rather than satin to minimize sugar content and not curl my toenails.  I was absolutely delighted with it, and it was very excruciatingly painful for me to cut it!  A week later, we screened Empire in our church parish hall, as scheduling/noise issues permitted, because an U2charist with a rock band was being rehearsed on the 21st.  Despite being strung out at the end of the school year, I'm glad I took the time and effort to observe this anniversary.  On Tue. May 18, I also attended what certainly was the official Lucasfilm observance of the occasion when it came to Memphis:  the Star Wars in Concert event, which was very nice.  It was a full orchestra accompanied by a montage from the entire cycle.  One highlight was the asteroid field music cue.  Some impressive items were displayed in the lobby, the most popular being Vader's costume, with the carbonite block being the runner-up.  On Jun. 5, an unplanned but inevitable celebration of this 30th anniversary occurred.  I went to a Mexican restaurant with a few friends, and ordered a "monster house margarita," which was enormous!  Consequently, I became drunk for the first time in approx. 20 years!  I quipped that if I had another rita like that, I'd be an anesthetized patient!
    Coincidentally, mid-December was the 20th anniversary of another anesthetic autobiopathography:  Edward Scissorhands.  Although not as magnificent as The Empire Strikes Back, it is Tim Burton's second and most successful effort at an anesthetic autobiopathography, the first attempt being the 1989 Batman, which turned 20 about a year earlier.  It has essentially all of the necessary ingredients:  pallor, mutilation, black garb, thwarted romance, ice and snow, incomprehensible loneliness, heartbreaking tragedy, and a shallow, frivolous society in which the people continuously engage in a grotesque danse macabre to avoid their feelings.  A red herring is that the actor who brilliantly portrayed the anesthetized patient in ES was and still is an unanesthetized person in real life.  That's why they call it acting!  Sadly, Burton's third attempt at an anesthetic autobiopathography, Batman Returns, was a disaster and a total failure. 
    Curiously, I had an unplanned observance of this anniversary that was much more subtle but much more profound:  delivering real compassion to a real anesthetized patient, which is ongoing to this day.  I would've preferred that this tragedy had been averted, but the individual's lack of health insurance amid this obscene crisis likely made that impossible.
COMING THIS YEAR:  the Assume the Opposite political platform.  An alphabetized listing of where AtO is on most significant issues and why.
It's not what you know.
It's not even who you know.
It's who your parents are/were.
It's a secular caste system.

In 1970, my father was part of a mass layoff at Ling Temco and Vought (LTV), a defense contractor in Dallas.  Ling was a much hated person in the Metroplex, so no one would hire any of the former employees.  Finally, my father got a menial job in the bargain basement of Titches, an erstwhile Texas department store similar to the erstwhile Goldsmith's in Memphis.  Frustrated, my father publicly denounced the defense industry and all of conservatism, and our family literally became pariahs as a result.  Further complicating matters is that he is almost certainly gay.  Realistically, the chances of his not being gay round down to 0.  Consequently, people have automatically assumed that I am gay for my entire life.  Making matters even worse is my mother having been an abusive shrew with whom nobody wanted to be associated.  Thus, decades before I ever became radicalized regarding public health and other issues, my whole immediate family were outcasts.  Aunts, uncles, and cousins were completely unaffected, until one of my mother's brothers was fired from a Chinese-owned company 25 years ago for having an affair, and denounced capitalism as a result.  He was supported by my grandmother until her death, and he now draws Social Security.  Even though my brother never had a closed head injury like I had, and is free from the speech and manual dexterity disabilities from which I suffer, and has had Travoltaesque good looks since age 18, he only was able to marry in middle age far, far outside our race because no white woman would accept him for more than a one-night stand because of this ostracism.  Most white men who marry Chinese or other Asian women are acting on a sexual fetish manufactured by the Vietnam War.  Not so with my brother; he had no other choice.  Therefore, I couldn't sell out even if I wanted to!

NEW AND VERY IMPORTANT:  In this era of controlled, manipulated media and rampant urban legends, it can be very difficult to ascertain which conspiracy theories are real, which are half-truths, and which are outright frauds.  It is a grave error and a sign of brain damage to either blindly embrace or summarily reject all conspiracy theories out of hand.  For example, just a few years ago, "postmodern" or postmillennial libertarians were great champions of the environment and the climate, until they fell hook, line, and sinker for right-wing "conspiracy theories" manufactured by polluting industries, and made an about-face.  Conversely, in their well-intentioned zeal to combat creationism, Objectivism, and Holocaust denialism, center-left pundits in the scientific community have all but dismissed any religious belief whatsoever as "superstition," playing right into the hands of the pseudo-religious radical right.  Both types of errors are doing irreparable harm to the cause of truth, which has become more and more of an Easter egg hunt.  Mindful of this complexity, I have spent several months sorting out the information and disinformation and compiling an original document representing what I believe to be the truth.  Click here to read [Word 97-2003].
Here is one conspiracy I have first-hand experience with:  in the summer of 2004, I had been laid off from a job for political reasons, and my unemployment benefits were within weeks of expiring, and it was triple digit heat back in Texas, so I quickly took a job at a local call center where several people I knew were working.  The center processed relay calls for the hearing impaired, which sounds nonviolent, right?  Wrong.  The majority of the calls that came through were actually international fraud typically involving purchase of bulk merchandise from small businesses with fraudulent credit card numbers.  Initially, the calls were originating from Nigeria, but towards the end of the year, the fraud escalated to another country:  Ghana.  With fraud from 2 countries, people who were actually disabled were no longer able to even get through, so management instituted a "fraud process" in which calls meeting certain requirements that likely constituted fraud could be disconnected by floor support.  However, someone on the inside must've leaked the criteria to the Nigerian and Ghanian mafias, as the scammers quickly learned to evade the disconnection criteria.  So a cat-and-mouse game ensued over the next 3 years, which was often ineffectual.  Only when the center changed hands for the second time at the beginning of 2008 were all calls originating from West Africa blocked.  Why wasn't this done as far back as the 20th century?  Because each call was paid for by the government to the tune of $1.60 per call per min., and because management and the FCC were certainly getting a cut of the booty.  And as small businesses are bankrupted, that creates less competition for the bloated, tyrannical corporations.  This is not the only abuse this criminal operation is responsible for; please see the Antisexuality page for more.  What I have revealed here and there in no way violates the legitimate privacy rights of actual people with disabilities.  There is really nothing to say about them that isn't already common knowledge:  a lot of them are unemployed or underemployed and dependent on family or public assistance, those who are well employed are invariably in IT or the deaf ed industry, some have multiple disabilities, and conservatives treat them no better than they do undocumented immigrants or sexual minorities.  One thing that persons with communcation disorders can do about this scandal is to support nationalization of telerelay.  Nationalization will remove all financial incentives for fraud and abuse, substituting disincentives.  Nationalization will also eliminate the worthless, overpaid executives who were getting a cut of the booty from the fraud (I also support nationalization of central banks and the fossil fuel industry).
Here is another conspiracy I have second-hand experience with:  I know someone who used to live in Ft. Worth, where her husband used to work at Carswell Air Force Base.  During their tenure there, they had 2 children, both of whom had birth defects.  The eldest had a serious heart defect, requiring open heart surgery, the anesthetic of which left her with a serious intellectual disability.  The second child had a cleft palate, requiring multiple surgeries.  My friend noticed that all of the babies in the nursery had some form of birth defect, most likely because the men were constantly exposed to radiation from the base's radar at close range, damaging the sperm.  This is not the first time I have heard of men on a military base being harmed by radiation emanating from radar.  When my friend and her husband moved to another state, their other two children were born completely normal.  Their new pediatrician was puzzled and concerned, and looked into the matter.  Shortly after that, the doctor was contacted by federal agents and told to discontinue investigation of all the birth defects or else lose all his federal funding forever.  He apologized to my friend and told her what had transpired.  I told her that she should share her story with Democracy Now, but she said she feared repercussions.  I retorted that in the Gospel it is written that if one saves one's life, one loses it,  but if one loses it for the sake of the good news to the poor (socialism), one saves it.  We need a groundswell of testimonials like these in order to affect the revolutionary social change which will save all of our lives and the biosphere as well, which is the root meaning of this biblical teaching.  For example, Dickson, TN, where I had gone twice in 2008 to attend seminars, is the cleft palate capitol of the country if not the world.  I hope my home page here sets a good example for her and millions of others.
And yet another known conspiracy involving my content on this site:  On Oct. 2, 2009, I uploaded Consumerism, The Autobiography of an Anesthetized Patient, and its postscript to Slide Share, which receives a lot of traffic.  Three days later on Oct. 5, after an entire decade of total silence including 3 years of total silence by the current apartment manager, this manager started harassing me that my apartment was dirty.  Obviously, this was direct retaliation for uploading anti-psychiatric and anti-anesthetic content to the most popular slide sharing platform on the internet.  It is also a diabolical attempt to keep me off the internet, as it is a truism that all writers need time to write.  A month later, the manager started harassing my next-door neighbor and a few other residents in a lame attempt to disguise this retaliation.  This is my response to the bitch and to the allopaths and neocons who gave her the orders:  Not only do I want all the beer cans and bottles off the property, and the dumpsters emptied frequently enough so that they are not constantly overflowing all over the ground, I want the Gulf of Mexico spotless.
Anyone who feels stonewalled by the controlled media and deprived of a voice may submit articles, slide presentations, and/or pictures via email attachment to .  I accept Rich Text format,, and Microsoft Office, any version, and will edit for grammar, syntax, and spelling as needed.  I cannot provide compensation, but I can provide exposure for viewpoints being suppressed by the controlled media. 
ADVANCE DIRECTIVE FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT:  In 1965, my uncle Melvin, mentioned on slide 58 of Consumerism, was a religion columnist for one of the Houston daily papers, and came down for civil rights.  He bought a gun because he was inundated with death threats, and was killed with his own weapon.  Police were certainly bribed into ruling it a suicide, as he had no intention of ever killing himself.  Thus, he was the victim of a perfect crime and an obscure civil rights martyr, one of likely thousands over the decades.  Mindful of the proliferation of extrajudicial executions over the centuries, I declare that I have no intention of ever committing suicide other than legally in Amsterdam in the face of a terminal diagnosis or dementia diagnosis.  This way, there would be no question about it.  I have held this position since early childhood, despite a very difficult life.  If I am found dead in what might be construed to be a suicide, rest assured that it was MURDER.  Because of my post-partisan views which threaten the jobs and unearned privilege of the unworthy elite, which have already cost me at least one job, if I am ever killed or seriously injured in a "freak accident," it is a safe bet that an extrajudicial execution was either attempted or completed.  The medical profession, particularly the specialties of surgery and anesthesiology, is to be the prime suspect.  Additional suspects include the corporations and the overclass.
ANOTHER ADVANCE DIRECTIVE FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT:  Given the extrajudicial execution of Max Gerson, M.D. in 1959 for the 'sin' of curing cancer, heart disease, and 'type 2' diabetes with a diet and the suppression of the Italian surreal sci-fi film The Andronechron Incident at the turn of the millennium, and while I am on the subject of advance directives for law enforcement, I have decided to write another one on the behalf of George Lucas, Harrison Ford, and Tim Burton, all of whom have filmed anesthetic autobiopathographies.  If any of these individuals die of anything other than natural causes, it is to be assumed that they were assassinated and for police officers and the general public to act accordingly by any means necessary.  This includes cohesive force.
N.B.  BEWARE OF URBAN LEGENDS:  There may be more conspiracies than there are stars in the sky, but none of them involve UFOs or offworlders in any shape, form, or fashion.  Most likely, travel beyond lightspeed will never be survivable (we may be able to send photons or subatomic particles through hyperspace/superspace, allowing us to phone E.T.).  Individuals and organizations who propagate conspiracy theories involving UFOs and/or extraterrestrials are inflicting tremendous harm to the health liberation movement and to the entire progressive movement.  Post-industrial libertarians such as G. Edward Griffin and Alex Jones should also prevail upon their disciples to cease and desist from these worthless UFO and alien conspiracy theories that severely undermine their credibility.  Specifically, claims of alien abductions are an urban legend manufactured by the medical-industrial complex to cover up a major crime against humanity:  rampant and widespread sexual abuse of anesthetized patients.  I implore everyone to please boycott the film Fourth Kind, which came out in 2010 on DVD.  Please click here to open the postscript to The Autobiography of an Anesthetized Patient and scroll half way down the document to find a sidebar entitled, "Extraterrestrials Are Innocent."
JUST SAY NO TO GAMBLING:  A growing number of progressives correctly identify gambling as an addictive regressive tax that unjustly burdens the poor (see slide 24 of Consumerism).  That is not the only harm that casinos do.  30 min. south of downtown Memphis on US 61 are several "riverboat" casinos in Tunica, MS.  At the beginning of each month, busloads of severely disabled people are dragged to these casinos by their able-bodied custodial relatives who then proceed to blow the disabled people's SSDI and SSI checks.  I have yet to see any condemnation of this abomination anywhere among nonprofits that allegedly advocate and help care for these people.
Generally, after the better part of a half century, I have grown sick of rock, but I make an exception when the message is clear.  Click here to hear James Blunt's "No Bravery" and view its video on Huff Post.  Keep in mind that for every Iraqi who is killed, maimed, or sexually abused, there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of Americans who suffer the same fate, caused by the same capitalists, in the OR and in psychoprisons.  This doesn't even count those who are similarly victimized in jails and prisons, their own homes, schools, and the workplace.  Geopolitical militarism is merely the tip of the tip of the iceberg.
NOW AVAILABLE on the Powerful PowerPoints page:  pictures from the annual (Nov. '09) demonstration at the US torture training institute at Ft. Benning, GA.  The establishment of this genocidal institution is one of the CIA atrocities mentioned by Steve Kangas in his article "Origins of the Overclass" featured on the Articles page.  Photos by Paul Crum of Pax Christi Memphis, who attended the protest along with his wife.  Running time approx. 20 min.  Rated G.  Also available on Author Stream and Slide Share
IMPROVED:  Texas got unusually heavy rains during the winter of '08-'09, resulting in a bumper crop of bluebonnets.  My Uncle Jack emailed me these pictures, which I imported into PowerPoint and underscored with Ralph Vaughn Williams' "5 Variants on 'Dives and Lazarus.'"  To view the show with embedded music, go to and select "Flowers in Texas."  Running time:  10 min.  Rated G.  Also available without music on Slide Share .
The Beautiful Truth is a powerful documentary of a boy in Alaska, distraught over his mother's accidental death, who turns to homeschooling and embarks on a monumental research project into the life and work of Max Gerson, M.D., who cured cancer and a whole host of other diseases 80 YEARS AGO with a diet, only to be the victim of an extrajudicial execution at the hands of the disease mafia and cancer industry, which exist only to perpetuate themselves to great profit and power.  View in its entirety online at .  Info is also available there to order the DVD.
Loose Change 9/11:  An American Coup was produced by 9/11 survivors, and include scientific and eyewitness evidence that the infamous attack was really an autocidal attack by the Bu$h administration and its ruling-class sponsors to advance their nefarious agenda of world domination, evasion of real work, and unlimited access to sexual prey and other addictions.  One eyewitness heard multiple explosions before the collapse of any of the buildings, and was later the victim of an extrajudicial execution that was carried out at a HOSPITAL.  The location of his murder is neither an accident nor a coincidence.  View in its entirety at
Outfoxed:  Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, produced by Brave New Films and directed by Robert Greenwald, who went on to make Rethink Afghanistan, takes a sobering look at the growing hegemony of media consolidation and the expression of the larger race to the bottom as applied to TV news.  It presents many of the reasons why I haven't watched television since the 20th century--save for one Ken Burns documentary--but not all of them.  Outfoxed has taken on new urgency in light of the recent revelation that the witch hunt against Andrew Wakefield, author of the vaccine-autism connection, was instigated by none other than James Murdoch.  View in its entirety at
Food, Inc. is possibly the hardest-hitting expose on food politics ever produced.  It is thorough from pesticides and herbicides to factory farming to poisonous and unnecessary additives and the evil moneyed interests behind it all.  A lot of diseases are being caused by substances in food that no one will ever go to a speakeasy to get.  The documentary is now available in its entirety online at
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