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THE ONLY PAGE OF ITS KIND ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET.  All content involving gender and sexuality issues formerly on the Home Page and the Articles page have been moved here.  Not only am I the only one on earth with the guts to stick out my 18-inch neck for the anesthetized patient, I now am the only one who is honest enough to bear witness to arguably the most inconvenient truth on the face of the earth.  A biotechnological intervention to abolish human sexuality and to separate sexuality and sentience will not only stop all sexual violence and all "isms," it will make abortion obsolete and homosexuality moot.  This is why this shouldn't become just another abortion site.  Click here to go to the top of the Anesthesia Reform page, where there is information about sexual abuse of anesthetized patients.
    Marilyn Monroe was certainly a victim of gang rape of anesthetized patients, as surely as Newton's laws of motion, because she had had her gallbladder removed 3 months before her death.  There was no way in God's green earth that they could've kept their lecherous hands and other body parts off of her unless Joltin' Joe DiMaggio had been in there with her armed to the teeth.  The question isn't whether she was raped under anesthesia but how many were there and how many double-digit millions did they pay for this "privilege."  She was either assassinated by the CIA or driven to suicide because she was desperately trying to remember what happened and to understand her incomprehensible anguish, and had no sympathetic hypnotherapist who was willing and able to help her.  Even if she had found such a therapist, both would've been killed in a "freak accident" to cover up the overclass acting on its twisted, baroque sexual fetishes involving anesthetized patients.  Conspiracy theorists who claim that Monroe was assassinated by the Kennedys are manufacturing a red herring to cover up this crime against humanity that continues to this very day.  Such conspiracy theorists are also advancing a Republican agenda for obvious reasons, and even advancing an irrational anti-Gaelic agenda that dates back to the Middle Ages.  Paul Patrick Serdula, who is awaiting trial for molesting anesthetized patients (see the Anesthesia Reform page), is only the tip of the iceberg because he is not an M.D. and was stupid enough to videograph his atrocious sexual behavior.
One woman in the audience of an erstwhile popular talk show, Donahue, I believe, asked what was the fascination with child molestation.  She couldn't fathom for the life of her how a man could be turned on by a child with no genital hair (as an aside, I can't remember not having it; as young as 6 I remember washing it).  It is understandable why a woman would have such a question, which is why I am answering it below,
    It is all about physical tightness.  Men like virgins because they are tight, and the smaller the child, the narrower the circumference; therefore, the greater the orgasm.  Such an orgasm is 100% addictive, and the only way a female can experience it is via the neurochemical simulation afforded by crack cocaine, which is also 100% addictive.  This is why the Old Testament called for so much capital punishment for sex offenses (some of which clearly are overkill).  But once a man has tasted the blood of child molestation, there is essentially no hope of rehabilitation.  This is why natural selection has endowed us and all animals with strong child protective instincts, which include vengeance.  The sin of militarism is when the overclass co-opts and hijacks the vengeance instinct to use against their enemies and victims, whether it be domestic or geopolitical militarism.
WHY ANTISEXUALITY?  For thousands of years, the gender problem has caused a hideous, unrelenting barrage of senseless, repugnant violence and incomprehensible suffering, metastasizing into ageism, classism, racism, ableism, homophobia, eugenics, and ecocide, to the point of endangering the biosphere.  In Mt. 19:12, Christ admits that the ideal way of life is that of an eunuch in the service of God, and in all of the synoptic gospels, asserts that there is no sexuality in Heaven.  Even Paul, who was no feminist, conceded that abstinence was the ideal "lifestyle," with marriage only for those unable to abstain.  This admission has continued throughout most of the saints, including St. Antony of Egypt, St. Benedict, St. Hildegard, St. Francis, St. Clare of Assisi, and so forth.  The Shakers abolished sexuality, but became extinct because they lacked an alternate method of reproduction and genetic recombination.  In the '70s, there was a brief moment of clarity in which a handful of feminists admitted that the world would be a better place if gender and sexuality were abolished through a biotechnological intervention, before retreating into regressive "third-wave feminism."
    The Spielberg-Kubrick film AI was completely off base in depicting what entities of true artificial intelligence would be like; rather, it was really about the plight of pets.  A true entity of AI would understand genetic recombination, but would be totally devoid of carnal lust for women, and would find this emotion patently offensive given its typically catastrophic consequences to individuals, entire demographics, ecosystems, and the biosphere.  The conclusion of T2:  Judgment Day correctly suggests that a true AI capable of learning would be able to form all other emotions as it accumulates experience, as the good Terminator tells the boy, "I understand why you are crying."  This is the first brave step in the formation of an emotion.  This miracle has already happened over evolution, and will inevitably repeat itself in an artificial life form, resulting in an inherently antisexual being with all other emotions extant.  An AI would be the ultimate feminist, the ultimate civil rights activist, the ultimate socialist, the ultimate disability rights activist, the ultimate intergenerational rights activist, the ultimate gay rights activist, and the ultimate environmentalist.  Contrary to overclass and managerial class propaganda, AI will never supplant women, because they will never be able to become pregnant and give birth.  AI will never supplant farmers, because they don't need to eat.  AI will never supplant musicians, because they may be able to imitate the sound of various singers, but will lack the respiratory tract to actually sing.  Nor will they ever be able to play wind instruments.  For them, swimming would be deadly.  No, AI would merely supplant the overclass and the managerial class.  This is why the overclass and the managerial class are so terrified of AI.
    Music has an astounding track record of prognosticating the future.  In the Baroque era, rhythm was standardized, meter was standardized, tonality was standardized, harmony was standardized, form was standardized, instrumentation was standardized, and tuning was relatively standardized.  All of this took place in the 17th century, 200 years before industrialization.  Not a single Baroque composer--not Bach, Monteverdi, Handel, Vivaldi, Corelli, Buxtahude, Scarlatti, Purcell, or anyone else--could've envisioned industrialism verbally or in writing, but it was in the music!  This is potent evidence of the existence of the Holy Spirit.  Nowadays, there are many movements, particularly in vernacular music, but the most avant garde is ambient music.  This is an international movement extant on at least five continents, and can be subdivided into progressive ambient, which has a backbeat, and pure, "deep space" ambient, which has none.  Sexuality is extremely rare in progressive ambient, and nonexistent in pure ambient!  Yet not a single composer of hundreds who are living are capable of drafting this internet page and envisioning the separation of sentience and sexuality, even though it is in the music!  This is one reason why I listen to this distinctively nonviolent music is because it gives me hope that there will be a future in which human sexuality is abolished, and the reign of God can finally be ushered in.  The massive, worldwide gang rape being  prognosticated by heavy metal, rap, and even modern rock may result in a blowback of an organized global antisexuality movement, hopefully aided by entities of AI.  An AI would be the perfect husband.
WIDESPREAD CHILD PROSTITUTION IN THE U.S.:  Dan Rather charges that the average bourgeois reader is in denial regarding rampant child prostitution in the U.S.  That denial does not apply to me.  I read a book about Covenant House, a shelter for runaway/throwaway youth in New York, in which one incident was a child sexual slave escaping from a corporate harem in 1989 and finding brief refuge there.  His corporate captors/abusers tracked him down, killed him, and framed the Catholic priest who founded Covenant House for child molestation.  Thus begun the selective prosecution of the Church of Rome for child molestation as retaliation for trying to protect a real child sexual slave.  Yes, thousands of Roman priests have molested children and heinously, but how come no one is prosecuting the thousands of evangelical radical right preachers who are no doubt doing the same?  Fortunately, Covenant House now has locations in several major metropolitan areas.  Click here to read Dan Rather's long overdue article on Huff Post. 
IMPROVED:  Both Marx and Orwell were correct in understanding that the purpose of profit is the seizure and maintenance of power.  However, neither one had a clue what the purpose of power is.  It is not a pretty picture.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).
MALE MONSTERS:  Peter Daou's horrifying reports of rape around the world that are infinitely worse than the terrible earthquake in Haiti, but are being ignored by the media and even on blogs, save for this intrepid writer on Huff Post.  Daou is a Jonathan Kozol for women, as this is not the first time he has written an article on this subject for Huff Post.  The tiny silver lining is that the father and grandfather in Turkey who recently buried a junior high school age girl alive for being interested in a boy have both been arrested.  Most likely, they will be executed.  Click here to read.  NOTE:  the broken link to this article is now mended.
MORE UNEQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK:  This involves women in all life science research, where I used to work.  For example, at Baylor College of Dentistry, where I worked in the '90s, a white male with only a baccalaureate degree made $45,000 a year for a lab manager job, while a Chinese female with a PhD only made $35,000 for the exact same job.  Moreover, a white woman with a PhD made only $25,000 for this same job!  And I eyewitnessed one of the principal investigators (an incompetent data-faking crook) telling her to her face that she "will never get ahead because [she is] a woman and a cripple."  I heard this with my own profoundly gifted hearing; I'm not making this up!  Click here to read.
NEW:  ABUSE OF NURSES ON THE JOB:  This report is of largely unreported on-the-job abuse of nurses, mostly by irate patients and family members.  They get all this heat because the doctors are so often working on their social calendars, portfolios, and handicaps, as I know from personal experience.  Click here to read.
CELEBRITY RAPISTS AND CHILD MOLESTERS WALK:  this article by Keli Goff on Huff Post should outrage anyone enough to become an antisexual.  These celebrity sex offenders should be dragged out into the alley and castrated with a rusty pocketknife along with those who molest anesthetized patients.  Click here to read.
INTERNATIONAL OUTRAGE SAVES AN IRANIAN WOMAN'S LIFE:  Sakineh Ashtiani was sentenced to death by stoning in Iran for "adultery," and an online international campaign apparently saved her life--for the moment.  The diabolical gynecides may still hang her without further international activism.  Excuse me, where is the man in all this?  Click here to read.
FEBRUARY 14:  Poor St. Valentine has been co-opted more badly than St. Nicholas.  This early church saint innocently loved his Roman tormentors and never intended to launch an orgy that minimizes and trivializes women.  The Western world, particularly the U.S., has rotted into a cesspool of twisted, perverted sexual fetishes.
  • War is a sexual fetish.
  • Capital punishment is a sexual fetish.
  • Homosexuality is a sexual fetish (see slide 13 of Consumerism).
  • Fornication between Black men and blondes is a sexual fetish (I learned this from my brother).
  • General anesthesia is a sexual fetish (see slide 14 of The Autobiography of an Anesthetized Patient and its footnote).
  • Guns are a sexual fetish.
  • Media violence is a sexual fetish.
  • Abortion is a sexual fetish.  This is why both sides bitch about it constantly, to the detriment of other, more urgent issues.
  • Muslims are a sexual fetish.  Sadly, Russians have been frothing at both ends about them for centuries.
  • Surgery is a sexual fetish.
  • Corporal punishment is a sexual fetish, a variant form of pedophilia.
  • Sports are a sexual fetish.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are a sexual fetish.
  • Fornication between white men and Oriental women is a sexual fetish.  Thank the Vietnam War for that.
  • Electroconvulsion is a sexual fetish.
  • Automobile accidents are a sexual fetish.  This was depicted in a movie from the '90s.
  • State torture is a sexual fetish.
  • Gambling is a sexual fetish.
  • Gangs are a sexual fetish.
  • Psychiatric prisons are a sexual fetish.

What a bunch of perverts Americans are!  Clearly, these are compelling reasons for Michael Moore--and anyone else--to hate America.  A prayerful reading of the first two of the 10 Commandments reveals that obeying these commandments and nationalism are mutually exclusive.  Amish and Mennonites are right that nationalism is idolatry.  The choice is between God or country.  The road to destruction is wide and well traveled.  Enter by the narrow gate, the road to which is rocky, difficult, and rife with persecution.  But Hell is a lot hotter than Texas, and eternity is a mighty long time.

THE SECOND HALF OF THE IP RELAY STORY:  the international fraud described on the Home Page was pretty much stopped in early 2008, but the sexual abuse continues.  Since its inception sometime in the '90s, overprivileged white youth have been accessing the service for free and sexually harassing the operators, hiding behind the legitimate privacy rights of people with actual communication disorders.  I have been told that all of the calls in the early days of internet relay were sexual abuse, until they started advertising it in closed captions on TV.  Only then did legitimate calls appear as I am told.  This also defrauds the taxpayer to the tune of $1.60 a min. per call and causes disabled people to have their important calls refused by the intended recipient.  Also in 2008, the jobs were all offshored to the Phillippines.  Poor Filipinos!  Being the descendents of the victims of the evil, fraudulently incited Spanish-American War and genocide, I'm sure they don't have any employee protections at all!
    So, cognizant of all this fraud and abuse, what should hearing-impaired persons do when they need to call someone?  One way is to just use the land line and the physical equipment the state has provided.  State operators cannot be offshored and must be physically located in the state.  Fraud and abuse never occur over land lines.  Another option, if one or one's family can afford a videophone, is to use video relay.  This also makes it easier for the recipient of the call because no "go ahead" is necessary.  In Europe and the Pacific Basin, wireless videophones have been available for years, but are still not available in this deteriorating country.  This is one of many ways Americans are being ripped off.  Another example is that high-speed internet far superior to anything available to Americans is readily available in Japan for $18/mo.  European and Pacific cell phones are also far superior to anything in America.  This is why US cell phones won't work for overseas travel. 
THE HP STORY:  HP, the manufacturer of my computer, had a group experience of what I call "imaginary homosexuality" at the turn of the millennium.  In the '90s, someone had the bright idea of moving the computer giant's headquarters to Boise, ID in search of low property values, low taxes, and stunning vistas.  However, there was one slight problem:  Idaho is the red state of red states.  The locals were so obsessed with homosexuality, that they believed that anything avant garde in any way, including IT, is somehow "gay."  The employees and their families were beaten and raped, their pets killed, and their property vandalized by the locals who assumed that all technology workers were "gay."  The local power company, not wanting to lose all the new business, tried having sensitivity workshops to no avail, and HP's headquarters finally had to return to Michigan.  A lifelong victim of imaginary homosexuality, I closely followed this saga on NPR, before I abandoned the radio network as another shill of the medical mafia and Big Pharma.
TRUE STORIES OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT:  While at a dental school in Dallas, one of the providers there told me and a few others the story of how when the then new dean of the school was on his first day, the secretary whom he had 'inherited' from his predecessor unceremoniously came into his office and stripped.  Evidently, part of her 'job' had been to have sex with the predecessor.  The shocked new dean told her to get dressed and leave his office.  She quit not long after that.
    Years later, at the same school, the powers placed a hidden camera in the office of the safety officer to spy on her.  One day, unsuspecting, she changed her clothes in the office to go to a youth soccer game, and the video was circulated among the leches.  From what I understand, there was a lawsuit that was settled out of court for an unknown amount under the condition of silence.  I would never accept such a condition, even if it meant a judgment of peanuts in a court.  To me, bringing scandal to the offenders is far more effective and meaningful than any amount of money, as these scum have no conscience whatsoever.
    The worst thing that ever happened to me sexually on the job was at UT Memphis, when a department head tried to paw on me when I was alone in an annex lab, but due to my large size and his small size, I was able to push him away easily without a show of force.  Eventually, a few years later, I was laid off from this job.  I cannot even begin to imagine what the plight of the petite must be!  However, I used to know someone who was almost certainly raped by the principal investigator's husband.  This victim could not report it because it would've meant that the PI would've never granted her the PhD degree.  The PI had held her far beyond what was needed to have earned the degree as it was, and the rest of the committee finally revolted that she be allowed to graduate.  This is why most work in such labs comes from graduate students and postdocs, who are cheap labor.  It is extremely rare for any PI to ever turn a hand in a lab.  Mostly, they play on the computer all day at taxpayer expense. Although I have profound differences with Ron Paul on matters like the environment, public assistance to the poor, and a certain overexposed hot button issue that starts with an A, he is on target regarding dismantling NIH and NIMH.  Power to him on this issue and on 9/11!
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