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95 THESES for public debate for a health reformation.  One need not be a Lutheran or any other Protestant to be a "health protestant" amid this Medical Inquisition, which is depriving nearly everyone of decades of life amid medical torture.  I wrote this in the late spring of '08, over a year before Michael Jackson's death, as I've been saying for years that he was addicted to anesthesia.  The grotesque contortions the media is taking to greenwash his quarter-century and ultimately fatal addiction to general anesthesia are truly pathetic.  The 95 theses are now also available on Slide Share  Click here to read (Word 97-2003) 
ORIGINS OF THE OVERCLASS:  WHO ARE THESE PLUTOCRATS who are lording it over us to the point of elections having becoming farces of Republicans vs. Republicans Lite?  Where did they come from?  This article by Steve Kangas offers some good insights over the 20th century, particularly the role of the CIA.  I was very fortunate to have grown up in the late '60s and '70s, when the power of the descendants of medieval gang-bangers was at its nadir.  I totally agree with the highly significant role of Roman Catholicism, and add that their rape of civilization started centuries earlier at the Great Schism in a manuscript I am working on and need to finish.  Click here to read
Nobody misses corsetry and colonial slavery, but some good things from the 19th century have been lost.  I've made a laundry list of some of them.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003)
JUST IN TIME FOR OCTOBER:  a laundry list of the REAL causes of breast cancer, chock full of inconvenient truths to both "red" and "blue."  To paraphrase Hunt for Red October, the war on cancer, like the wars on heart disease, AIDS, diabetes, arthritis, H1N1, etc. are wars with no battles, no heroes, no monuments, only casualties and collateral damage.  Matthias Rath (see his site on the Links page) is right that the foreign wars will never stop until something is done about the medical militarism here at home.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).
NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD:  a review of Capitalism:  A Love Story, Michael Moore's best work.  He follows up his weakest entry of Sicko with the most important film of 2009, which, in the wake of the banking bailouts (read ripoffs), couldn't be more timely.  Conservatives who profess to hating central banks are missing out by refusing to see this documentary.  This is why the primary mission of this site is post-partisan politics.  I eagerly await Moore's next endeavor, which I hope to be about institutional sin:  making a 6- or 7-figure living doing things that one should NOT be doing.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003)
EMERGENCY:  Given the emerging health care disaster pre-arranged by the pharmaceutical mafia and the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court ruling trashing 100 years of legal precedent and placing corporations over life regarding campaign finance, the wolf is not at the door but OUT the door with the baby in its jaws.  In this context, a sinister story from 9th grade English has taken on a terrifying new meaning its author never intended.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).
IMPROVED:  BREAKING OUT OF THE MIND PRISON:  a look at how hopelessly out of touch the 2 major parties are with most of the US population.  The Republicans only represent hereditary wealth--the descendants of the thugs who deposed and succeeded the Roman Empire--and the Democrats, who once represented labor unions, now only represent self-made wealth and the managerial upper middle class.  Progressives and libertarians are only represented by minor parties, the Green and Libertarian Parties, respectively, and the plurality of Americans--and the majority of the human population--are not represented by any political party or NGO at all, as they subscribe to an orphan ideology.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).  Click here to see the two-dimensional Cartesian plot of the real two-dimensional political spectrum, as the web host isn't able to accept a document with an embedded diagram (PowerPoint 2007).
COOKING THE BOOKS:  a look at how grossly statistics have been cooked by every industry to obscure the depth and scope of our increasingly dystopian crisis, which runs across the board, affecting every aspect of life.  Remember how fast the Soviet Union collapsed after decades of telltale signs.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).
NEW:  US LIFE EXPECTANCY LAGGING FARTHER AND FARTHER BEHIND:  Thanks to pandemic cooking of the books that I railed about above, the abysmal US life expectancy stats are far worse than this article admits.  Heckofajob, most expensive medical system in the world [sarcastic TOV]!  A scam by any other name is still the same.  Click here to read.
THE REAL REASONS BEHIND THE RISE AND FALL OF LIFE EXPECTANCY:  What's medicine got to do with it?  Absolutely nothing!  Click here to read [Word 97-2003].
SEEING RED FOR WOMEN:  the shameless red dress campaign is nothing but a ponzi scheme to ram alzheimer-causing statins (anti-cholesterol drugs) down the throats of millions of women when cholesterol doesn't even cause heart disease.  The need to combat alzheimer is why our cholesterol needs and serum levels increase with age.  This is why I don't wear red dresses (or any color for that matter), nor do I wear or display colored ribbons of any color.  Most cholesterol is manufactured by the liver rather than taken in the diet, and persons who go vegan merely upregulate the cholesterol-anabolic pathway in their liver to make up the difference.  Not only do statins cause alzheimer, but also liver damage and cancer from blocking this vital organ from one of its functions, as well as multiple sclerosis and steroid hormone deficiencies, including all sex hormones, because cholesterol is the precursor for vitamin D-3 made from exposure to sunlight, and of all glucocortocoids and sex hormones.  Some in organized medicine are finally smelling a rat in this shameless industry scam.  Click here to read.
KILL YOUR TV:  a medical ethics journal analyzed an entire season of two popular TV medical dramas and found a cesspool of ethics violations, including flagrant violation of the patient's right to informed consent established by the landmark Sandoz ruling and seduction of patients.  From the description of the behavior in the article, the doctors' behavior was only a few steps removed from a brothel.  Real patients are typically either killed, disabled, or traumatized for life by involuntary "treatments," which is why the Sandoz ruling was issued by the Warren court in the first place.  Click here to read.
WAIST MEASUREMENT LIKELY NOT A MAJOR PREDICTOR OF HEART DISEASE [SNIDE CACKLING]:  Thus reads the headline of a medical news story linked below.  Of course they all fell all over each other trying to downplay this.  Although the lead author claimed no conflicts of interest, all of the coauthors had shocking numbers of conflicts of interest, which is why they were scrambling to minimize the findings, as usual.  All of the diseases falsely linked to obesity are really the ravages of caffeine, processed sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and tobaccoClick here to read.
THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT DUI:  DUI is unheard of in Europe, despite its being very permissive towards alcohol, because driver's licenses are permanently revoked upon the first offense.  Assume the Opposite to MADD:  socialism, anyone?  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).
SHARPS INJURIES:  while injuries from sharp objects among general hospital and clinic employees is improving, such injuries in the operating room are actually getting worse because the infernal doctors are so resistant to any kind of change.  Click here to read.
STILL TAKING BRIBES:  This survey of 600 doctors shows that most of them still shamelessly accept gifts from drug and device makers.  Anyone who can't make a simple moral decision as this one should not be allowed to anesthetize a flea.  Click here to read.
JUST SAY NO TO DIET SOFT DRINKS:  Here is a poster presentation at a meeting that demonstrates that the artificial sweeteners in these cans of WMD leach calcium out of bones.  I crave my milk, even though it's skim and doesn't taste like whole or 2%.  Click here to read.
ANTIOXIDANTS IMPROVE INSULIN SENSITIVITY:  I have known for years from personal experience and that of others that all types of antioxidants increase insulin sensitivity, which is exactly what people with "type 2" diabetes need to be cured.  This study presented at the same meeting as above looked at obese patients who responded well to increased intake of antioxidants.  With my knowledge of biochemistry and oxidative damage, their "caution" regarding this study is irresponsible.  Click here to read.
IMPROVED:  THE THREAT OF TRANS FATS:  Most doctors are woefully and appallingly ignorant as to the biochemical cause of so-called "type 2 diabetes":  trans fat poisoning.  The misleading nomenclature of calling it "diabetes" rather than something else underscores this biochemical ignorance and misleads the patient and the public.  I have shared my biochemical knowledge here in understandable language to the best of my ability, including having several people read it over before uploading to make sure they were able to follow it.  This work has taken on a new urgency in light of the deepening revelations of the threat of some common "type 2" drugs.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003)Click here to view the illustrations that accompany the essay, as the web host cannot accept a document with embedded diagrams (PowerPoint 2007).
GHOSTWRITING OF PAPERS IN MEDICAL JOURNALS:  Here is a proposal to "stiffen" guidelines for ghostwriting of papers for publication in medical journals, which up to now has represented half of all articles.  Sorry, this is not good enough.  There is no substitute for total abolition of ghostwriting.  In the Psalms it is written that the dark places of the earth are haunts of violence.  I do not tolerate secrecy of any kind, and do not accept excuses.  Click here to read.
ONGOING:  HIGH NOON FOR AVANDIA (R) AND ACTOS (R):  The American Diabetes Association, a notorious shill for the artificial sweetener industry that funds it, has been forced to debate whether these drugs should be used at all because they cause heart attacks, congestive heart failure, fractures, and fluid retention.  I know several people who have become very obese because of using these dangerous drugs.  The only reason the FDA didn't ban them outright is because of bone-crushing bribery from their makers and conflicts of interest within the hopelessly corrupt FDA, which is merely a mouthpiece for Big Pharma that we have to pay for.  Click here to read.  The drug maker, GlaxoSmithKline, has hidden the cardiovascular hazards of Avandia (R) for an entire decadeClick here to read.  2 honest FDA staffers blasted it before the advisory panel.  Click here to read.  Staffers want it completely off the market, as I do.  Click here to read.  Actos (R), banned in Europe, has been linked to bladder cancer.  Click here to read.  Click here to read.  Another drug, Victoza (R), causes thyroid cancer and pancreatitis.  Click here to read.  Stay tuned...
VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY INCREASES PARKINSON RISK:  I have known for many years that MS is essentially a vitamin D deficiency, because it is worse in polar and subpolar latitudes, unheard of in the tropics, improves in the summer, deteriorates in the winter, and that Inuits make vitamin D constitutively, snow or shine, to survive in their arctic environment.  This new article now reveals a link between vit. D deficiency and parkinson.  Click here to read.
BARIATRIC SURGERY PATIENTS TURN TO SUBSTANCE ABUSE:  This poster presentation at a bariatric surgery meeting reveals what I have long suspected:  that when persons undergo bariatric (stomach-reducing) surgery, the addiction is merely chased elsewhere.  In my own experience, the obese nonuser is always better off than the thin caffeine head, alcoholic, smoker, or junkie.  All of the funerals I've been to over almost the past decade have been for thin substance users.  Click here to read.
NEW:  JOB DISCRIMINATION DOESN'T EXCUSE AN UNNECESSARY MUTILATING SURGERY:  Bariatric surgeons are using a new propaganda ploy to push their wares:  job discrimination against the fat.  Given the known permanent effects of anesthesia alone, I couldn't help but think of the Gospel that one can either love God or money...  Click here to read.
IMPROVED:  BLOOD FOR JOBS:  "It's the economy, stupid."  A very inconvenient truth that runs through this entire site is that most atrocities and abominations, domestic and overseas, support predatory employment here at home.  In the 19th and 20th centuries, our ancestors and elders made the wrong choice in leaving the farm and going to the city in search of money, sex, and drugs.  The real "alternative lifestyle" is that of Anabaptists who live off the land.  The cold, hard reality is that capitalism failed in 1929 and has been propped up by astronomical, bone-crushing government subsidies since 1933, and that the vast majority is going to have to go back to the plow, which sustains life but cannot sustain addictions.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).
MEDICARE FRAUD:  Nearly 100 doctors are now in trouble for Medicare fraud, but this is barely the tip of the iceberg.  The federal government is so overwhelmed by Medicare fraud that it can only prosecute cases exceeding a million.  Cases of "merely" 6 digits go unprosecuted, as do all smaller cases.  If you have Medicare, they will do ANYTHING to you!  This includes totally disregaring all advance directives, and even having a lawyer in the family will not help.  Click here to read.
70,000 BLOGS SHUT DOWN:  This often happens under evil Chinese Communism, but this time it happened here!  The story is that one blog had information on how to make bombs and a hit list of targets.  But shutting down ALL the blogs on the server is going way too far.  If this happened under Obama, just imagine what would happen under another Republican administration or Republican-dominated Congress?  This is why the wretched excesses of the previous administration must be repealed at once.  Not to even mention that net neutrality and free speech online are the moral equivalent of war.  Click here to read.
IMPROVED:  WHERE NOT TO GIVE:  Some co-opted, predatory, or disingenuous "charities" are so destructive that it is literally better to put your money in the fireplace and burn it than to give to any of them.  This is even more important now than ever amid the Second World Depression with so many out of work.  I've compiled some guidelines of how to give smart rather than give more to what are ultimately corporate and industry shills.  Click here to read [Word 97-2003].
NEW:  IT'S ABOUT TIME!  Researchers at Harvard & UI Chicago concede that most prescribing of drugs, especially new drugs, are excessive, erroneous, and inflict tremendous harm, and call for "a radical change in prescribing attitudes and behaviors."  The writing is on the wall, folks!  Click here to read.
NEW:  ANTI-VAXERS LISTEN UP:  Here is an admission of an immunocompromised woman who died of polio because of her daughter's polio vaccination.  What many don't know is that vaccines are also a known carcinogen in pets, which have killed thousands of people's beloved cats and dogs.  This is why my vet won't vaccinate my cat anymore.  Click here to read.
NEW:  TWO DOWN, HOW MANY TO GO?  The manufacturer of the first exorbitant drug-eluting coronary stent is now discontinuing it and one other.  I knew a man in a church choir who died of a sudden, massive heart attack because of such a stent he had received two years earlier.  He was deprived of decades of life and seeing his baby grandsons growing up.  What a waste of human life, just so that some mother****ers can have a no-good job.  Click here to read.
NEW:  INTERVIEW WITH PSYCHIATRYLAND AUTHOR:  Here is an interview with a psychiatrist who admits up front that the field is a pseudoscience.  Just because Nazis were pro-environment doesn't make environmentalists Nazis or racists.  By the same token, just because someone questions this capitalistic sacred cow does not make that person a scientologist.  Whenever I demand a clone and sequence for all of biopsychiatry's genetic claims, all I get is a Photoshop job involving a tin foil hat, because nothing has ever been cloned and sequenced and nothing ever will!  Click here to read.
CONSTRUCTIVISM:  in a space of a month, I went from not knowing what constructivism is to producing this term paper for a course I took in '08, which got an A for content and thorough research.  I argue that moderation is the most progressive course of action and include a short lesson plan for high school chemistry.  The term paper is now also available on Slide Share.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).
This essay about superstitions in science written for the same course got a 100. It was written after viewing the acclaimed 20 min. documentary "A Private Universe."  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).
UNREASONABLE SCHOOL HOURS:  This study showed that by having school start only 30 min. later, teens got more sleep, were more alert in class, had better behavior, and were less depressed.  Given the crisis of teen suicide, which has been around since I was in high school 30 years ago and has only gotten worse, adoption of more reasonable hours can and will save lives, and any administrator who blocks it should be publicly executed by bereaved parents in a sports arena that the taxpayer had to pay for.  I remember one year in the mid-'70s when there was an experiment of making daylight savings time year round because of the energy crisis, which was a failure because kids were having to go to school in the dark!  My school district successfully combatted this by making the school hours 9:30 to 4:30.  Making teens be at school at 7:30 am, meaning they must get up at 5:00 am to catch the bus, is a virtual guarantee of failure!!!  Click here to read.
NOT IN OUR GENES:  This study showed a distinct correlation between excessive television watching and/or video games and attention problems in school.  This investigation is more thorough than earlier studies because it includes gaming as well as television viewing, and included undergraduates as well as K-12 children.  This is a no-brainer to any parent or educator worth one's salt.  Click here to read.
EXCESSIVE TELEVISION WATCHING AMONG TODDLERS:  This study dramatically showed excessive television watching among 2 year olds.  Under no circumstances should parents have a TV in a child's bedroom.  This is a known cause of attention deficit problems throughout life.  Click here to read.
NEW:  ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR TEACHING DEAF STUDENTS:  I prepared this as an assignment for a special ed class I had to take in the summer of '08.  Having once worked in a call center for the deaf (which needed and still needs to be nationalized because of rampant corruption detailed elsewhere on this site), I chose this disability group to make the assignment a whole lot easier.  Click here to read [Word 97-2003]
WORD WALL:  Every classroom in Memphis City Schools is required to have a "word wall" of vocabulary either on a wall or a bulletin board.  In that spirit, I present the Assume the Opposite glossary, deciphering all the coded language that saturates what passes for media and public discourse in this emerging dystopian catastrophe.  Warning:  I take no prisoners.  Because the word wall is as hilarious as it is outrageous, I will also be cross-listing it on the humor page.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).
WHEN TEACHERS PROMPT FOR SCIENCE FICTION:  A common high school assignment is for the students to write where they expect to be 10 years from now.  However, to me, that is inescapably a prompt to write science fiction, especially with our inexorable slide into the Second World Depression.  I wrote 2 paragraphs:  both a best case and a worst case scenario  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).
LESSON PLANS:  This lesson plan on man-made climate change can be used for biology or chemistry.  The handout of a diagram was supposed to be embedded in the document, but M$Word isn't smart enough to do that.  The web host can't accept RTF documents, which Open is smart enough to produce with embedded diagrams.  Click here to read the lesson plan without the embedded handout (Word 97-2003), and click here to view the diagram (PowerPoint 2007).
This is a fun lesson plan for high school chemistry involving students physically enacting the movement of molecules in various states of matter.  One teacher I know tried this lesson, and not only did the students love it, but the mentor who came into the class while it was in progress was amazed, even after being in education for decades.  Click here for the lesson plan (Word 97-2003) and click here for the handout diagram that goes with it (PowerPoint 2007).
NOW AVAILABLE on the Powerful PowerPoints page:  A PowerPoint on consumerism, the real cause of our pandemic of mental dysfunction, which could cause the U.S. to become a failed state.  I wrote it after enduring 2 special ed courses, which I expected to be about real disabilities, but were significantly about bogus psychiatric labels and other politically motivated labels (e.g. "type 2" diabetes and AIDS) cooked up by the ideological descendants of the Inquisition.  I conclude with my own vision of world peace and the significant challenges in getting there.  Running time:  approx. 1 hour 20 min.  Underscored by gorgeous sacred music to bolster the attention span.  Rated PG-13 for some tart language.
Slide 13 of Consumerism cited a 2007 study in Journal of Abnormal Psychology that showed that 80% of social conservatives were sexually aroused by gay pornography, compared to 20% of controls.  I literally had waited 20 years for that experiment to be done, and would love that to be followed up with a plethora of similarly embarrassing and liberating experiments.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).
NOW AVAILABLE on the Powerful PowerPoints pageThe Autobiography of an Anesthetized Patient, a poignant PowerPoint about the greatest film ever made because it is the only science fiction film that is based on a true story.  Its real tragic hero--pale, intubated, freezing, barely alive, and utterly helpless--never appears on screen, but all the characters--even the villains--give him a voice.  This poor soul is unconscious and can only tell his heartbreaking story in symbols and metaphors.  His wish (and mine), a vision of compassionate anesthesia reform, is no different from that of any other institutional pacifist.  (If the medical profession had had a shred of morality and ethics, they would've apologized to him, offered him therapy, and established an 800 number for anyone needing help before Memorial Day of 1980, rather than threatening him and his young children with extrajudicial execution.)  Running time:  approx. 45 min.  Underscored by Tchaikovsky's Pathetique Symphony (what else?) and rated PG.
FROM SILENCE TO STORY:  The formal sociological term for a patient's story is autobiopathography, or biopathography if the story is being told by a parent or guardian of a child or intellectually disabled adult.  This paper from Pediatrics is actually available to the public online on this subject.  Its author's South Asian background is obvious from its deeply religious perspective, highly unusual for an M.D.  One way to listen to the child's story is to directly ask some basic questions:  Where does it hurt?  Does it hurt all the time or only sometimes?  What makes it hurt?  Does it itch?  Does it burn?  Do you get nauseated?  Include open-ended questions.  Younger children with little or no speech skills can use toys or communication boards or draw pictures.  Click here to read (PDF).
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