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I am intensely proud of these PowerPoints, and am pleased to present them.  Consumerism was a year in the making, and The Autobiography of an Anesthetized Patient is truly groundbreaking.  In over a century and a half, no one other than a certain popular filmmaker has ever bothered to broach the victimology of the anesthetized patient, and even said filmmaker was immediately threatened by the Inquisition into silence (yes, you read right, the Inquisition!).  The PowerPoints are also now available on Author Stream and Slide Share.   Slide Share isn't willing to accommodate musicians who underscore their presentations, but the versions now available on Author Stream are in video form with the music included (albeit the animations aren't quite as good but still readable).  The video form is also not downloadable as PowerPoint is here.  After many months of struggle, I finally succeeded in converting Consumerism to video and uploading it.
NEW:  This biographical sketch of Frederick Denison Maurice was originally prepared for a Wednesday night class at St. Mary's Cathedral during Lent, 2011.  The audience of parishoners found it to be very informative about an Episcopal saint none of them had ever heard of before.  It is also available on Author Stream and Slide Share.  Click here to view [PowerPoint 2007].
SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS (read school of assassins) or whatever they're calling it this week:  One of the CIA atrocities mentioned by Steve Kangas in his article "Origins of the Overclass" featured on the Articles page is its establishment of a torture and genocide training facility for Latin American fascists at Ft. Benning, GA.  Every November, there is a protest of about 10,000 people that converges at its entrance, which in 2009 was attended by Paul Crum of Pax Christi Memphis, who took these pictures.  Click here to view or download (PowerPoint 97-2003).  Running time:  approx. 20 min.  Rated G.  No music due to the size of the file with all the JPEG pictures.  Therefore, the download will take considerably longer than any of the other shows, but, forturnately, the presentation will end on its own and will exit promptly.  No footnotes, only visible captions on some of the slides.   The presentation is also available on Author Stream and Slide Share (see links above).
Consumerism:  a year in the making!  Now with a new slide added Nov. '09.
Click here to view a short preview in Word 97-2003 (recommended for dial-up connections)
In June of '08, I wrote the above document as a reaction to a couple of special ed classes I had to take in 2008, which I expected to be about real disabilities, but a significant part of them were about bogus psychiatric labels and other politically motivated labels such as AIDS and "type 2" diabetes, driven by greed, misogyny, racism, classism, eugenics, homophobia, and ageism.  Its content seemed to lend itself better to PowerPoint, and over time, the project grew into a major undertaking.  It grapples with the inconvenient truth that most jobs are predatory, destroying life for profit and power, and concludes with my vision of world peace and the significant challenges in getting there.
Instructions for downloading:
  1. Click here to download the presentation.  Select Save instead of Open.  PowerPoint 2007 reads the file best, but PowerPoint 97-2003 produces a readable show (some of the animations won't work).
  2. RIGHT CLICK on ALL of the links below and select Save Target As to download the music into a new file folder:  Introit and Kyrie  Offertory Sanctus Pie Jesu Agnus Dei  Libera me  In Paradisum  Introit Kyrie Domine Sanctus Pie Jesu  Agnus Dei  Lux aeterna  Libera me  In Paradisum  Salvation
  3. Using your media player, create a playlist of the downloaded music files in the order shown above.
  4. Start the playlist, and then start the presentation.  Slides will change automatically and the music should continue to play in the background.
  5. Click on the last slide (References) to end the show.  The playlist should have ended by this point.
  6. Click ONCE at PowerPoint's prompt to click to exit.  Please allow several seconds for it to exit, due to the size of the presentation.  Repeated clicking could cause problems.
Consumerism has virtually no footnotes.
Running time:  approx. 1 hour 20 min.  Rated PG-13 for some saucy language.  I was pretty angry when I originally started the PowerPoint.  NOT RECOMMENDED for children under 13.
Sadly, the CD from which the Faure and Durufle requiems came is out of print.  However, if you liked the last music track, "Salvation is Created" by Pavel Cheshnokov, it can be found on the CD Christmas at St. Mary's by St. Mary's Cathedral Choir.  See the music section on the Links page for ordering information!
Slide 13 of Consumerism cited a 2007 study in Journal of Abnormal Psychology that showed that 80% of social conservatives were sexually aroused by gay pornography, compared to 20% of controls.  I had literally waited 20 years for that experiment to be done, and would love that to be followed up by a plethora of similarly embarrassing and liberating experiments.  Click here to read (Word 97-2003).
The Autobiography of an Anesthetized Patient
Thank GOD it wasn't me!
Now with 2 new slides added Lent 2010.

Too stunned to speak
    Too numb to weep
Wisdom is gained
    Which rulers disdain
Ah, what the cost
    Of innocence lost
To go on alone
    With no way home
The cycle starts again
    The story never ends

MES, September, 1997

Click here to view a very colorful PDF poster
What had humbly begun at the beginning of Lent '09 as a postscript to Consumerism quickly took on a life of its own.  I just had to codify my devastatingly traumatic discovery that my all-time favorite movie is really about my lifelong worst fear.  This heartwrenching, unforgettable presentation is at the very vanguard of film criticism, social medicine, psychology, and human rights.  Its perspective is over a half century overdue.
Click here for a document version in Word 97-2003 containing all of the content including the footnotes(recommended for dial-up connections).  After reading it, click here to read the postscript (Word 97-2003).  If the postscript is hard to read, scroll down to the bottom of this page for corrective tips.
WARNING:  if you have been anesthetized, viewing the presentation carries a risk of overwhelm (a nervous breakdown).  If you feel vulnerable or susceptible to overwhelm, the above Word document version for dial-up connections is recommended.
Running time:  approx. 45 min.  Rated PG.
Instructions for downloading:
  1. If you haven't seen it recently, watch The Empire Strikes Back to refresh your memory.  It doesn't matter whether you see the original video release or the 1997 special edition, because each version has advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Ironically, due to a plethora of technical obstacles and file size limitations, you will have to perform surgery on the presentation in order to hear the Tchaikovsky soundtrack, but it is well worth the trouble, because it significantly enhances the show.  Anyone who does not already know how can, by following these steps, learn how to underscore a PowerPoint with music.  Create a new file folder on removable media (OTHER than a floppy disk) to download the presentation and the 3 music files.  If the files are downloaded onto a hard drive, the presentation will be read-only and uneditable, and the music files might not work at all.  Floppies have inadequate disk space to hold the MB-sized files.
  3. Click here to download the presentation into the new file folder.  Select Save instead of Open.  If you run PowerPoint 97-2003, the title slide (slide 3) will only partially animate.
  4. RIGHT CLICK on ALL 3 of the following links and select Save Target As to download the music files into the same file folder.  Intro I  Intro II  Main
  5. Open the presentation in edit mode and move to slide 2 entitled WARNING.  From the Insert menu, select Sound.  When prompted for the file, find and open the new file folder, and select autobiog002.mp3.  Select Automatically when prompted.  A speaker icon will appear in the middle of the slide.
  6. Click on the new speaker icon to bring up the picture and sound tools.  Select Sound Tools.  Click on the drop down arrow on Play Sound and select Play Across Slides.  Click on Hide During Show.
  7. From the Animations menu, select Custom Animation.  When the custom animation window opens, click on the mp3 file, then click on the drop down arrow and select Effect Options.  A new window will open up.  Change Stop Playing to After 3 Slides and click OK.
  8. Move onto slide 5 entitled "The Deepest Lent Possible."  From the Insert menu, select Sound, choose autobiog001.mp3, and select Automatically when prompted.  The speaker icon will appear in the middle of the slide.
  9. Repeat step 6 for this slide.  In the Custom Animation window, the mp3 file will appear at the bottom of the list.  Click on it and use the up arrow to move it to the top.  Click on its drop down arrow and select Effect Options.  When the new window opens, change Stop Playing to After 2 Slides and click OK.
  10. Move onto slide 7 entitled "I Can Now Hear the Silent Scream of an Anesthetized Patient Named George Lucas."  From the Insert menu, select Sound, select 06 Symphony No. 6 in B Minor Op. 74 'Pathetique', Op.74-Finale, Adagio lamentoso.mp3, and select Automatically.  Repeat step 6 for this slide.  Click on Loop Until Stopped.  In the Custom Animation window, the mp3 file will appear at the bottom of the list.  Click on the mp3 file and use the up arrow to move it to the top of the list.
  11. Close the Custom Animation window and SAVE the work.  If prompted, click Continue.
  12. Do NOT change anything else in the presentation, because that would constitute copyright infringement.
  13. Run the presentation.  Slides will change automatically and if the music links were added correctly, the Tchaikovsky will play on all slides except slide 1.  The show will end on its own and will exit promptly.
  14. In edit mode, select Notes Page from the View menu to read the footnotes.  Alternately, the footnotes appear in blue italics on the Word 97-2003 document recommended for dial-up connections.
  15. Click here to read the postscript from summer of '09 (Word 97-2003).
TIP:  if the postscript looks funny, or the text box covers part of the main body, try downloading it to removable media so it can be edited.  Try changing the font of the main body to Times New Roman and moving the text box and picture so that all of the main body is visible, then SAVE the changes.
FROM SILENCE TO STORY:  The formal sociological name of a patient's story is autobiopathography, or biopathography if it's told by the parent or guardian of a child or intellectually disabled adult.  Here is a full article in Pediatrics which is actually available to the public online on this subject.  Its author's South Asian background is abundantly evident in its obvious spirituality, highly unusual for an MD.  An obvious take-home lesson from the paper is that the doctor should directly ask the child questions, including open-ended ones, using toys, communication boards, and crayons for very small children with little or no verbal skills.  Click here to read (PDF).
RIGHT MOVIE, WRONG "CAUSE":  Click here to read.  After doing so, read the response below.
"In the Gospel it is written that the overclass understood that he had spoken this parable against them."
At this historical moment, a benefit for anything other than Gulf Coast relief or relief to the poor is a major league faux pas.  I have lived in Memphis, the location of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, for 11 years.  Since the advent of St. Jude, Memphis has become the unhealthiest city in the entire country, bar none.  And North Memphis, where the hospital is located, went from a decent neighborhood to the worst slum in Tennessee.  Even the local media have run stories on this all-too-common phenomenon.  Corporations and sports franchises wanting to play "goody two-shoes" have given millions to St. Jude while education and the endless sea of poor in this city get the shaft.  With Harrison Ford on record as being pro-environment, there is no way that Lucasfilm would've chosen to support a predatory hospital in a ghetto 2000 miles away while the Gulf of Mexico is hemorrhaging oil.  No, this "benefit" is an attempt by the overclass, the neocons, the allopaths, and the Vatican to co-opt a movie they have utterly failed to suppress.  First, they tried to give it bad reviews, e.g. the Washington Post and the New York Times, which Steve Kangas, in his article "Origins of the Overclass" featured on the Articles page, has identified as paid shills for the CIA and the Vatican.  Then they tried to claim that the Star Wars cycle was about the Cold War, but the modern rock outfit Rage against the Machine decisively discredited that disinformation.  Then they ghostwrote and micromanaged the production of Return of the Jedi, which is widely regarded at best as inferior and often as gawdawful.  Then they tried deification of the obscenely misogynist Blade Runner, but, ironically, the Bu$h-Cheney cabal's behavior rendered it dated and irrelevant.  (Women should be alerted as to what these ultrarich sociopaths want to do to them.)  So now they're trying to co-opt a movie that they won't admit that they hate for political reasons, using the constant threat of double assassination to get what they want.  Make no mistake:  this overclass micromanagement of Lucasfilm and constant threat of assassination is why there hasn't been a decent Star Wars film since 1980.
This is the Empire Strikes Back 30th anniversary observance on an entertainment blogger's site, which I found from a link on Facebook.  The guy's writing sucks, but it's good to know that I'm not alone in my love for this cinematic monument.  I registered and posted my own comment, including my own URL.
This is IGN's nice observance of the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, which I found from a link from Facebook, which includes several articles, including a lot of trivia and some nice stills, a few outtakes, and a rare poster.  I downloaded the rare poster and put it on my desktop wallpaper with some anesthesia reform captions!  ;-)  The site included a prompt to write one's own review, and, true to form, I wrote a high-end one with a link to the PowerPoint page!  Since 1980 was at the height of my potato-eating days, had I known that one of the asteroids was a potato, I would've ripped it right out of the screen, baked it, loaded it, and eaten it!
One more nice 30th anniversary article for The Empire Strikes Back.  This one emphasizes how all the Hollywood rules were broken, learning what European (read civilized) filmmakers had known for decades.
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